Common PKI Testsystem

The updated and freely available Testbed is able to review in detail the compliance of all sorts of applications dealing with electronic signatures based on Common PKI 2.0.

The testbed is a key support tool for interoperability of components. It is already used successfully for years both by manufacturers of application developers and certification service providers, to ensure a smooth cooperation between systems from the outset. This has become known: besides many German interested parties, the testbed is also often ordered internationally.

The testbed is a kind of website with its own Web server, used by manufacturers of signature applications for end users, but also by service providers. Communication is "simulated" by exchanging data single-step, block by block between the testbed and the test component. For each block a detailed text is generated in which the result is evaluated for each individual Common PKI requirement. Thus, users of the Testbed will receive at the end a test protocol in which fulfillment of the requirements of Common PKI is documented in great detail. This is convenient as an accompanying tool during development as well as acceptance test of finished systems, and also of course in the product registration procedures of Common PKI.

Test Specification 2.0

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The testbed is available in three different versions as:

  1. an installable CD, which will install both the operating system and Web server with the testbed web application,
  2. a bootable CD, where the testbed is bootable from the CD including operating system and application, and
  3. VMWare installation image that can be started immediately in a VMWare environment.

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