Data Privacy

How do we use personal data?

Without your consent we collect no personal data over our web sites. Alone you decide, whether you us, approximately in the context of a registration, these data want survey to announce or similar, or not. We use generally your personal data to work on your order to answer your inquiry or to provide you with access to special information or offers. For the care of the customer relationships, furthermore it can be necessary that we save and process your personal data to be able to comply better with your requests or improve our products and performances that we (or a third party in our order) use these data to inform you about Secu-Right about offers which are of use for your business, or to carry out online surveys by which we do justice better to your requirements. We of course respect it if you do not to leave your personal data to us to the support of our customer relationship particularly for direct marketing or market research want. We will neither sell to third parties nor commercialize elsewhere your personal data.

How cookies are?? uses?

What cookies are???

cookie is files which will transfer your computer from a web site while you are calling the site. These files cover information by which our site records important information by which your use of the site gets more efficient and more profitable for you.

How are cookies used?

Content management can send you all information relevant for you without faults, it partly works with cookies so that we. These only is saved if you apply therefore log in on our system which the application for an access authorization presupposes at T7 registered association. They then have gone to it this one of ours store content management system of used cookie the user name as well as the web pages. This information is evaluated by us at no time and to no end but serves only the system optimization. Cookies permit us, for example, to adapt a web site to your interests or to store your password, so that you do not have to enter it every time newly. If you did not like that we recognize your computer, then please adjust your Internet browser that it deletes cookies of your computer hard disk and or you warns before a cookie is stored.

How is personal information protected?

We have established protective measures by which is checked that our internal methods fulfil our high standards for the protection of data privacy. In addition, we become standing work so that third parties who cooperates as our representatives with us to provide this site and their contents for you and process your orders and inquiries agree to the protection of personal information which they must access to the service for our site and our visitors everything in our power.

What is with links on other sites?

We can offer links registered association web pages on other sites outside the T7. But we try only to refer to such sites these the same values as us represented. You should check the data protection principles of the site to which a link refers every time to know over the respective practices at the collection of information, e.g. about the use of cookies. We are not responsible for the contents or the principles with regard to information queries on sites of other enterprises. If you go to another site, if you should have a look through the data protection and others guidelines.

Is there still anything else which I should know?

We reserve the right to use, to keep back or to disclose information in the form as it is necessary for the fulfilment of laws, regulations or legal requirements to follow customer complaints or possible offences to protect the integrity of the site, to answer your inquiries or to play a part in legal investigations. What do I have to do if I have questions, on information grasp it, would like to update or delete them or would not like to get further information? If you would like that we grasp it, them update, change or delete (subject to current legal exceptions) on information which we have about you or would not like to receive further information from us or questions on our data protection principles have, please consult our data protection specialist under

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