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Deutscher Sparkassen Verlag GmbH

Product description:
DSV-Gruppe Deutscher Sparkassenverlag: Media group and service provider for the German Savings Banks Financial Group
The Deutscher Sparkassenverlag (DSV) has worked in tandem with the savings banks of the German Savings Banks Financial Group for 70 years and forms, with subsidiaries and affiliated companies, the DSV Group. As a professional, comprehensive service provider, we deploy a broad range of expertise in the media and financial services sector: our offering spans books, magazines, forms, advertising campaigns, software solutions, banking equipment and electronic payment cards. Alongside traditional publishing, we specialise in electronic media that include electronic forms, learning software and information services such as database research. An additional focus is the creation and marketing of digital content and services for members of the German Savings Banks Financial Group and their corporate customers.
Our watchword is: innovative and solutions-driven. To fully satisfy the savings banksĀ“ special needs, the Group develops one-stop, theme-driven marketing solutions for its customers that include all relevant products and services.

Innovations for the card business and e-commerce
One of the key challenges facing this versatile service provider is to maintain the German Savings Banks Financial GroupĀ“s market and technology leadership. Alongside card production and the delivery of electronic payment cards to savings banks customers, our offering includes state-of-the-art smart card (e-purse) applications. These are deployed in municipal transport and car parking payment systems, customer retention systems for the retail sector and in the vending machine industry.
In view of issues such as the provision of legal certainty for e-commerce transactions or the secure transfer of data for online-administered municipal records, e-business is becoming increasingly important for financial services providers and their private and corporate customers. The DSV Group supports the savings banks and landesbanks in developing the use of the internet as a communications and marketing channel. As a certification authority, DSV offers modern, digital signature-based encryption technologies that meet the highest e-commerce security standards.
The DSV Group operates throughout Germany and is also a key player in publishing and among nationwide suppliers. With 1,600 staff, 1,000 of whom are based in Stuttgart, and annual sales of around Euro 700 million, it is one of Germany?s biggest media groups.

S-Trust Certification Service Provider